A New Mind For The New Year

on January 8, 2013

Romans 1:1-2 1/7/2013

If you plan to continue to use it you plan to renew it  Did you write down to renew your mind.  If you don’t think so it’s a matter of opinion and a matter of time.

If you use your mind you wouldn’t get into trouble.  When we think of our fears and troubles we need to maintain your mind.  Pretty flowers need water, Read a book, do a crossword puzzle, challenge your mind, bench press 300 pounds

Word of God you need it everyday.  Protect your mind.  Eyes are the window to the soul.  Capturing your mind.  If your mind isn’t protected there is a lot that will come into your mind.  You need somebody on your side to keep mind together, you need someone  to help you think straight, you need someone to get you in the right mind.

What goes in your mind? You don’t have to read every time, following people for no reason, who is Kim Kardashian. Following people just because they are on twitter or face book, television shows.  If you allow a bad idea in your mind you will convince yourself that it should stay with your mind.

Anytime a dog starts talking to you, you need your medicine.  If  it’s  the dog that tells you to kill people that doesn’t need to be in your  mind.  When you keep your mind on God it’s always bigger and better in the New Year.

Loose your mind.  When you become a Christian you loose your mind. We have the mind of Christ instead of being in a club you are in church.  When you stop drinking, smoking.  You have new direction, goals, new purpose.  In order to have a new mind you have to loose your mind.

Make up your mind.  Choose this day who going to to choose to join church, it’s the Sunday on a brand new year.  Make up your mind.

Lord we come today critical junction in our mind. Determined to serve you, to live for you.  Don’t let people in sin, don’t let people in sin.  Don’t make them leave make up there mind.  Say yes to the Lord.  I don’t want to sit on the field I want to be on the side lines.  I’ve made up my mind.

I can’t promise you roses everyday but I can promise you Jesus everyday.


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