Christmas is Coming

on January 8, 2013

Luke 1:26-37 12/25/2012

Wise men knew  of Jesus coming. but not where he was born.  How are you going to be ready if you don’t know the directions.

Xmas is a single event, certain events that can break out any time.

Christmas is an answered prayer.

Every time God answers your prayer there may be a lag of time but God has already answered your prayer.

The stuff you worry about now God has already given to you, you just haven’t been notified.

Christmas is a fulfilled promise.

Christmas brings a divine surprise.   Some we don’t deserve but God gives it to us anyway.  John 3:16  God gave his only begotten son.  Every single day you get a priceless present.

Neighbor was here and was invisible.  The Old Testament he was invisible and the New Testament he was incarnated.

Every head bowed every eye closed .  We thank you for sending us Christmas everyday.  We rejoiced you because you are Christmas.  Today  when you have my voice harden my voice will come.


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