No Time for Looking back

on January 8, 2013

Genesis 19:17  12/31/2012

No time for looking back.  What is the harm of looking back and what are the negative side effects for looking back.  Don’t waste, time, energy and temptation of looking back.  When you look back you need to leave it back there.  It’s hard to leave if you are still looking at it.

Forfeit the liberty you should be enjoying.  You look back because of curiosity, You look back because of insecurities, you can be comfortable with a bad situation.  Forces you to leave the things behind you don’t need.  We are comfortable with the devil but when an angel comes you walk away.

Galatians 2:21 I don’t  want to frustrate the grace of God.  You should obey instead of changing.  Instead of changing we take advantage.  We don’t want God to think he wasted his grief on you.

Run for your life.  Since you were delivered run.  Stop strolling run like your life depends on it.  When God sets you free run.

Don’t settle for the plain.  Ask God to life you up to excellence.  Lord plant my feet on higher ground.  My heart does not want to stay where doubt is.

Whatever you do make sure you make it to the mountain.  Mt. Carmel glimpse of promise to God.  Mount  Olive wrestle with God in prayer, Mount  Zion  sing and praise.  Mount Cavalry so I can be covered with the blood of Jesus.  The price is paid the debt is cancelled, sin of man met man of God, Nails were driven in, The devil was defeated. Peace, Power, Love and Joy is there when you get to the mountain.  Don’t look back.  What God has for you is far better then what is behind you.

Job all the things he got , all the things he lost.  He gets twice as much in chapter one.  In chapter two it was all gone chapter four he did everything that God told him to do.  Can you make it to 2 to 42.  If you make it to 42 you gain more then you lost.  You can’t get before you for looking back.


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