Blowing Your Birth Right

on March 4, 2013
Genesis 25:29-34Issac and Rebecca had twin boys.  They become rivals.  Jacob was a mama’s boy and Esau was a man’s man that hunted.  He was weary and hungry.  He asked Esau for food. Jacob said swear you will give up your birth right to a bowl of bean soup.

Set of certain privileges rights to the first born son.

If you are human being you have a birth right. I have to be respected.  I have the right to be treated like a human being.  I have the right to be given a chance.

Less likely to blow a birth right:

1. Problem solving skills, conflict resolution.  There must be some other way to get food then selling his birth right.  Did he not know Wendy’s was open?

2.  In order not to blow your birth right there are certain people in your life:  Bright right educators, they tell you who you are.  You need a parent, coach to tell you who you are so that nobody can bring you down.  Your bright, beautiful, blessing if nobody tells you, then you blow it because you don’t know it.

3.  Birth right Appraiser, tells you how much you are worth.  Family members who believe in you.

4.  Birth right protector, keeps you on course.  You need somebody who knows what you are worth.  You need somebody to grab you by the arm to protect you from the Instigators.  Did you hear what she said you going to take that?


1.  Don’t ever make a major decision when you are hungry.  You think with your belly not your brain.  Belly don’t care how much it cost when you get it.  If you are hungry enough you will hook up with anybody when you are hungry.  If you have enough pressure you will do almost anything.

2.  Don’t trade the permanent for the temporary.  Seize the moment.  One night stand for a one time fault, drinking in the club for a near death accident, cheating on a test for being kicked out of school, one moment of anger for a marriage to end.

3.  Don’t risk everything for nothing.  He blew what somebody else gave him.  He blew it for nothing.  Lots wife became a pillar of salt for nothing, people go to jail for possession of drugs and haven’t even had time to smoke it.  He gave his whole future for a bowl of bean soup.  You just traded your birth right for a girl, was she worth it? You traded your birth right for a man, was he that fine?

4.  What do you do when you blow your bright right- you get born again.  You become a child of God.  Born again bill of rights entitle to some things.  Right to eat from the tree but I’m not going to blow it.  I’m going to read the bible, I’m not going to blow it.

Born again and mess up again.  Ask God to cleanse you right to receive forgiveness.  Somebody knows someone who’s life has changed drastically for nothing.

Thank you for giving us inheritance for being your children.  We cherish that we value act and operate in and on it. Our flowers get drowned unless they are connected to the ground.  I’m ready to act for my purpose for Jesus.


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