Dealing with Dares and Doubts

on March 10, 2013

Guest Pastor

Judges 6:17 Gideon replied, “If now I have found favor in your eyes, give me a sign that it is really you talking to me.

I dare you? The types of Dares

1.  Doers won’t think twice about it and just take the dare.

2. Double’s play a scenario through their minds.  They weigh the pro’s and con’s.  Will anybody recognize me?  Will carry out if nothing bad happens to them.

3.  Deniers are the ones say I am not going to do that.

God also dares us.  I dare you to put my word and trust me.  I can heal your body.  Step on faith with that new business. Reality is responded with doubt when doing something for God.

Gideon prime example is to build with dares and doubts.  Sending an angel to Gideon for his people.  I dare you to see beyond your circumstances.  Your circumstance doesn’t deny you.  Gideon says, you can’t be talking to me.  Where have you been?

God responds Gideon I will strengthen you.  What you are is not the totality of who you are but what you are.  If you were a victim of domestic violence God will make sure you aren’t in that situation anymore.  If there is no cure for your sickness I will strengthen you.

Dare Two God responds let me use you.  Gideon says if you are for real then you are going to have to give me a sign.  He saw an angel and got scared.  God uses you to do something big.  He will send the fire to you.  He will start a fire to burn out the doubt you have in your heart.

Dare three I dare you to get rid of your idol God.  Confident building, Gideon does what God told him to do but he didn’t say when I had to do it.  Some people in your circle will want to destroy you because of the position you have taken.  God says you speak up for me and I will do the same.

Dare four  Judges 6:34 the Spirit of the Lord came on Gideon, and he blew a trumpet, summoning the Abiezrites to follow him.  I dare you to rally the troop’s sends out a message to others to join them.  He knows it was an angle speaking to him.  He knows God is there but in 36 verses he reasons back to doubt.  He put God to the test; he performs minor miracles so Gideon can see.  Verse 39 Okay God I just want to know it’s your will but can you give me one more sign.  God made it happen it’s you I’m calling to empower.  I will protect you.  I am your strength.

Dare five I dare you to eliminate the cowards.  We see growth.

Dare six I dare you to eliminate the over confident.  When you have no doubt he will lead you.  God will mature you.

Dare seven I dare you to make your move.  This is it but if you have any fear in your heart speak to the Median Camp.  God gives us the encouragement you need to move forward.  Even if you don’t ask for it I will send a signal your way so you know I am always with you.

God knows how to deal with our doubts.  You are why we can’t live on a purpose.  You have low self-esteem and God gives you love.  You have a set back and God gives you strength.  He is daring us to hear his voice.  No matter how hard the job is he is challenging us.  He will give us what we need to defeat the enemy.

I dare you to let me use you to destroy the idols.  Step out and make your move.  If you hear God dare you, speaking to you. I dare you to let him in your heart.  I dare you to let me see how I am in your heart.  God will use you in his kingdom.  No more excuses, no more waiting I have decided to follow Jesus.


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