Our Destiny

on April 10, 2013

Hebrew 11:1-10

City unemployed go to work, City is hurting but healed in mind,body and soul, Daycare grows into degrees, Performing arts anointing of God, Praise and worship sweet smell of aroma.  That city is our destiny.

The only thing is we are going to reach our destiny by faith.  Perceived by Faith.  You have to have the eyes to see it. If you have the eyes of faith you can see it before it happens, God I can see it but I can’t touch it.

Pursued with Faith I’m sending you to a place you don’t know about.  Get up and start looking for it.  If God said you are going to school, sign up for it, If you are unemployed God said go and look for a job.  By faith I’m going to pursue God, It’s got to be paid for by faith.  People like things but don’t want to pay for it.  Abraham here’s the price.  Take Issac the one you love and I want you to sacrifice him to me.  He came with a down-stroke of almost killing him.  God said I knew where your heart is.  Somebody paid for you to be there.

Present in faith.  God this is what you gave us.  We are all going to give it back to you.  We are building a city for Christians members. Sanctification may be a wrong word to some people.  Realize how long it took.  Sanctification means act like Jesus, Holy Ghost inside.  Somebody can look at you and know you know God.  I don’t want to be in a city where we have to nudge people to go to church.  Do you belong to a dead church or a live church.  When there are tears I can get to a city to celebrate depression. It’s a city where you can be served.

City of Celebration– Universal body of Christ has a destiny.  For God has prepared them a city.  You have a destiny and a final destiny.  Lobby was the destination but not the final destiny. Airport was destiny, London was your destination but not your final, Arrived in Atlanta it was destiny,Atlanta to Columbus was a destination.  It wasn’t until I got in my house with my family with my own things that was my final destination.

Imagine a city.  City prettier then Paris, city with  more stars than Hollywood, city that has more lights than Las Vegas, city that had no retirement, no work, city with no sirens from the police, no crime.  That’s the city of our destiny.  Receive it, Pursue it, Pay for it, and Present it.




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