The Greatest Gift

on April 21, 2013

2 Corinthians 8:1-5

It’s not good thing to compare children.  Why can’t you be neat like your brother?, why can’t you get good grades like your sister? or why can’t you help me like your brother?  Paul, it’s not good to compare churches.  He was bragging about the Corinthians to the Macedonians.  Corinthians first to hear the response and pledge.  Excelled and exceeded Paul but was a problem church.  Sizzle without substance, gifts without anointing   and money without mercy.   Macedonians least reason, great trial, affliction-attack from all angles, trial is a test.  They had poverty, single parents, laid off, lost possessions.  Contradiction – Grace is a major thing.  Abundance, they got joy.  Jesus is in your life.  Riches go downtown at nights in 32 degree weather to sleep.  They were going through trial.  Winos had one bottle but they would share.  Crystal glass don’t want nobody to breathe on them.  Deep poverty.

contributions freely, earnestly,urgently, totally, they gave themselves.  Don’t know how much they gave but the first thing they gave was themselves.

Do give offering it’s a good gift, do give sacrifice it’s a great gift, Do give yourself and that is t he greatest gift.

compartmental spaces Christianity in corner, box it off, put it in a space, Only give God a certain amount of time.  Remember the Hokey Pokey?  Put right hand in, put your right hand out, put your left foot in, take your left foot out. Then you put your whole self in shake it all about.  Gave themselves to the Lord not to jobs, addictions, they gave themselves to the Lord.

Macedonians gave themselves to the Lord.  Why? because the Lord first loved us.

Rich is relative.  You man not know that you are rich.

If you can see your toes, you are rich

If you can touch your toes you are rich

If you have a peace of mind you are rich

If you love someone you are rich

If someone loves you back you are rich

If you have a flat-screen television you are rich

If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ.


God we thank you today.  The importance in the value of things we can offer you.  It doesn’t have to have a dollar sign or a decimal point at the end.  It’s giving ourselves to you.  Take me and make me whole again.

gods greatest gift




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