The Truth About Trouble

on May 12, 2013


Psalm 46:1


Trouble is a disaster, disease,deficiency, disagreement.

Inside out, outside in viral, temptation.  Upside down-sudden violent store downside up, river becomes a flood.  Now matter how you see it it’s trouble.

Psalm 10:1 God disappears in trouble of need.  The truth about it is you will have trouble you are not exempt by trouble just because you joined church.

Truth is full of trouble, we will.  Psalm 46 Second half of conversation.  Trying to find out what the trouble is?  Who can I trust in the time of trouble? God is our refuge and strength.

God is present in trouble.  I’m not in their by myself.  God didn’t abandon me.  He will be there for think and thing and he will have no more trouble.

God woke me up this morning.  When you get in trouble not only are you alone but God is present in your trouble.

God takes the trouble out of trouble.  Devil brings trouble to us.  The Lord took the trouble out of trouble.

When in Trouble

Psalm 46:10 Be still not answer to how to get out trouble

God is the way




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