Turn it over to Jesus

on May 12, 2013

John 2:1-10



You can learn a lot by watching your mother.  How to love people.  Mothers can love someone who don’t belong to them.

You can learn patients with a mom, a new-born baby with colic, Family with turmoil and crisis.

Learn how to make peace.  Have a way of calming down.

Wield the power.  Move stuff with a glance, calm down people with a finger, put hand on the hips.

Solve problems

It’s important when we invite Jesus to the wedding and to the reception.  The problem is don’t have trouble at the wedding but at the reception.  You ran out of the good wine and now have to use the cheap stuff.  All of us have problems how do we solve our problems.

When you have the first problem the thing to do is take it to Jesus.

Talk about it with Jesus tell him what the situation is.  This is my situation My family is falling apart.  Don’t keep the problem to yourself.

Tell God how you feel about it.  I don’t like being here, I don’t like the people here.

You have a 24/7 hour God.  Tell him what you want him to do.  Tell him what you want him to do.  Tell him what’s in your heart, Then ask him for direction.

Take time to listen to the direction, ask and listen and ask for confirmation.

I want to be at the point where I can walk away from the situation.  I’m done and he takes care of it.

Don’t be surprised if he tells you something strange.  Go fill the pots with water.  Sometimes we miss the answer.  Turn something over to Jesus he will test your faith.

The miracle was an inside job.  He healed a blind man inside of his eyeballs, He opened a door you never knew was closed.  This miracle took place out of the water pipe.

Theology and Chemistry

100% miracle, 80% wine  20% water

C2H5OH says stand for carbon but the C stands for Christ.

H20 water hydrogen oxygen

Carbon stands for Christ always responds beyond our needs.

He will cause somebody to testify. He brought me so far I got to say something.  He’s a great God, He’s wonderful.  Whatever he says do it.  He’s either going to fix it, forget about it or foundation on which you can praise him.

The problem I have is beneath my feet.  I’ve turned it over to Jesus.

Psalms He will work it out.

When there is a problem you turn it over to the experts, call people who know what they are doing.  Turn it over to Jesus



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