on June 2, 2013

Matthew 27:46

Why is the reality that we can’t get passed.  No fun, no fellowship, no fraternization until you get past why.

Why am I still misunderstand, why did I just get hit with some disease? Why was I born in this family.

No why’s are created equal

1.  Curious why Why does a round pizza fit into a square box.

2.  Serious why Life or death.  Why is my blood pressure so low?, Why do I smell gas when I come out the house?, Why do we say we sleep like a baby but a baby wakes up all hours of the night.

3.  Mad Why?  Why did you do that? Why did you say that?

Job said why all the suffering.  I do what you say, Why have you forgotten me?  Jesus hung on the cross.  My God, My God why have you forsaken me?  We got some questions we want to ask God.  We freeze when we can’t get past why.  Before I answer your question Can I ask you a question?

1.  Why is it that you know what’s right but you still do what’s wrong.

2.  Why is it that you reject me and expect for me to rescue you

3.  Why is it that you take everything I give you but when it’s time to give back you relinquish God.

4.  Why do things happen to other people that don’t happen to me


Maybe the reason why when you exhaust all your avenues you finally come to me.  When we get in trouble we go to Dr. Phil, Oprah Winfrey, astrologer, or a girlfriend but they can’t fix you then you come to me, the factory not the shade tree mechanic.

Talents, resources, and skills can be a blessing.  Ability to do things that other people can do.  When the problem is too big depend on me.

Maybe you are going through what you are is because you aren’t depending on me.  When you experience the Grace of God you will love him.  Grace is irresistible.  How can you not love a God that brings you out of a jam, not love a God who sent his son to die for us.

Grace woke me up this morning, Grace got me to church.  Everybody that is scared go home.  When God gives you the glory you can’t brag because you went to the military or you figured it out.  Out number, over their heads.  I’m here because God brought me out, I had good doctors but God brought me out, I had good lawyers but God brought me out, I had good teachers but God brought me out.  He was on your side and brought you out.

Who am i and what is my house?  Who plus what equals Why.  Why have you been so good to me.  He ask why you didn’t let Goliath kill me?  When I messed up with Bathsheba why did you help me?  Why have you been so good to me?  Why did you wake me up and not other people?, Why do I have a place to stay and others don’t, Why am I in my right mind when people have lost theirs.

His eyes are on the sparrow and he watches over me.  I might be in a wheel chair but he watches over me, I might be bed-ridden but he watches over me, I sing because I’m happy, I’m free.

God reserve the answers to some questions. Why? so he can get you to help.You are going to find out the answers  when you get to heaven.  You have eternity to ask him all the why’s.

Glorify me, love me, you aren’t going to be worried about the why but wow.

Wow do you believe who gave me the now but God said yes.  I can leap from why to wow.  When you leap you forget about why.  You are missing the wow because you are thinking about why.





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