Pure,Powerful and Passion

on June 18, 2013

If I told you a true story

would you want me to tell you


would you like to read what’s written on the paper.

I’m in such an overwhelming state

that I think written on paper is the best

Not because I couldn’t find my words

but because as you read each line

I could see your expression,

I would be able to tell if it touched your heart,

if it was something that you truly believed in,

and if you remembered one moment

where it was so pure

that at the moment it wasn’t

such a bad thing that it was at the wrong time

and how now something is powerful

that it is pulling something out of me

that is connected to you.

It’s not about writing the perfect letter

just for some reaction.

It’s at this one moment

that this is the right time

for me and you

to have the moment that we always said  never existed.

This is something that wasn’t searched for,

There were no telephone calls that were made to see if this was the right time

It was the moment

where the story was told in the picture frame

that  the passion that unlocked  the secret

that nobody ever knew

what the story really was about

except the two people in it

it took more than love to make it this long

it took more than patience to wait on that one person

that you know is the one that sharing a lifetime

is just the beginning of a beautiful gift.

I can’t reveal everything but just remember moments like

these only come once in a lifetime.

You already knew it was always you.



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