The one who can do anything

on June 30, 2013


godMark 9:14-22

Have you been frustrated that you would take anything.  Despite your degree you can’t find a job.  Bills are due, what ind of job are you looking for and your response is I will take anything. Have you ever went to the doctor and said I will take anything just make it stop.  You have a loved one in ICU who is in a coma.  God can you give me some help, can they wiggle their toe or blink.  My teenage daughter is missing and you say she don’t have to come back home, just have her call me, text me or send me an email. I just want to know that she is okay.

If you believe anything can happen.  Lord I believe but help me with my unbelief.  People have laughed at us.  God says all things are possible if you believe in me.

God took your cause because you were in a bad situation but the Lord to the case.  Separate yourself from the crowd.  It’s not about what the crowd says or believes, it’s what God says.  One touch from him and you are healed.

I’m God, I can do anything.  I knocked down the walls of Jericho, I did that.  Who put the twinkle in the star, I did that.  Have you ever wondered who found you when nobody could, who got you out when you had no business while being in.  I can do anything.

You can be so discouraged that you forget the power of God.  This seems big to me but it’s chump change to you.  Why are we still talking about it when you’ve done anything.

He is the God that can do anything.

We are all at the point of desperation, nothing has changed.  Will you look at our case and separate us from the crowd.  It might work for other people but not me.  We have a God that can fix anything if you believe.





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