Free Inside

on July 7, 2013

Daniel 3:24-25

Everybody here is inside of something.  Sometimes it’s better to be inside then outside.  Sometimes inside is the last place you want to be.  Inside of a bad relationship, inside of a prison cell, inside a sinking ship, inside a burning building.  All of us here is inside of something.

What are you going to do or be inside? Are you inside cussing or are you comfortable, are you inside sad or are you in celebration, Are you inside frustrated but free.

Don’t be mad because I’m good at what I do. Jealousy because they were over them. If you are inside bound, surround and restricted you are free inside.

They were clear: Do you believe in A King who lives in a palace, servants or horsemen or do you believe in The King who made gold, so high he can’t get over it, ancient of God.

You are not taking my life because I was lying down.  Be clear on a kind and the King.

Confidence: Our god is able i you carry those words in your pocket or wallet.  Our God is able to make  or break down walls, break in walls.  It’s not to far or to hard.  Bless it, sanctify it, forget it, make things alright.

Committed: Stand up stand out. You don’t have to be tall to stand tall.  Stand on power of God.  You don’t get a ticket because of speeding, it’s because of your mouth.  If you keep your mouth shut you might get away with it.  I am King bet it known to you that Lord brought me a long way, be it known Lord can make a way out of no way.

Committed to pay the price As long as it’s comfortable, popular we don’t mind being down with Jesus Christ.  Committed to worship. How can the predict what they are going to do in the future when it hasn’t happened.  God if you do this I will change.

God is worthy already.  He put food on the table, protects your children, you have the nerve to bribe God, when he has already done it for you.

Free inside were clear, confident and covered.  Covered: They have no hurt because they have Allstate insurance.  Insurance in what so ever state I’m in. What so ever state I’m in.  State of confusion I’m covered, In trouble I’m covered, Hungry I’m covered.

You may take my house, my car but my mind is covered.  I’m wearing the helmet of salvation.  I woke up with Jesus on my mind.  My spirit is covered.  You have the keys to the fire but you don’t have my joy.  Neighbor I’m covered.  We don’t have to pay the premium because God covered it.

They were accompanied:  It makes as difference who is with you in the fire.  Some people you  need to leave home.  I love you but you are going to get us all burned you stay home.  You want the right person when you are in the fire.  When he joined them God never put the fire out.  No hose, or phone.  He didn’t put the fire out.  Neighbor he put the failure out.  If I did this I wouldn’t be in this.  Some fines are for Christ sake.  Put fear out.  They were free because they weren’t afraid.  God cast out fear.  When you go to Jesus you can’t sell wolf tickets. He puts the ferocity out.  The whole time they were in the fire it maintained all of its ways.  Are you a bear with no guns, Gun with no bullets, Cancer, divorce, bankruptcy took the ferocity out.  I don’t care what fine they put you in take the fear out of failure, out of ferocity.

Being Loose saved me: Brought me a mighty long way.  Is there anybody loose to be around him.  I don’t know how long you have to be inside but you have to be free.

We thank you for not putting the fire out.  You came inside the ire to set us free.  Thank you Lord for that.


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