My Breath Is His Air

on August 2, 2013

you have been my secret

never once did I break silence

never once have I lost your gaze

I was always planted in the safest place

of your mind.

When the days became to long

I unraveled the bare essentials to your soul

and locked onto the rich mocha of your flesh

it was a taste that was so rich, so rare that you craved it

until his voice was locked

on a note that blends

so delicate, so raw

that your gasping

for more and more

that when he realizes

it was always you

it was always your breath

that he couldn’t get enough of

then air is when worlds collided

walls were knocked down

and a page that was out-of-order

became the desire

to make it known

that together

you make each other

feel a rhythm that has never been expressed

that has never played a love song

so methodically

that he knows he’s the only one

to break something open

that for always her breath is his air

that goes far deeper then two souls

could ever imagine.


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