on October 26, 2013


You didn’t know anything about me

You didn’t know what the situation was like

You didn’t know how many nights I cried, how many nights I didn’t cry

You don’t know how quick it went from love to just plain frightening.

You don’t know how many times I held my breath

You don’t know the details of anything.

All you knew was someone was coming back to town

And you wanted to surprise them, you wanted to do something nice for them but the question remains when is the surprise coming?   When are we going to see the joke?  You did something that was apparently supposed to be for someone you thought of as an enemy.  As though she hadn’t been through enough she had to put up with something with someone she never expected.  Do you know how loud that was playing in her ears? Do you know what speeds were played in her ears? Do you know how long it played in her ears?  You apparently though that it was funny because all you did was laugh.  All you did was say the most hurtful things that this was going to leave more than just a scar. If this was supposed to be some confess all book then I guess your job was played perfectly.  I don’t know some of the things that you said but I answered them based on what I knew about them.  One thing you were right about is you hurt to many families life’s by saying what you said and doing what you did.  I don’t hate you but I do know how to distance myself from you.  I know how to forgive but I can’t answer for the other people.  Sad thing is if I know that you didn’t ask for my story then you surely didn’t ask for their story.  At any time I’m waiting for what the joke was. If you saw how many doctor’s I’ve been to, how many specialist I had to see and how much medication I am on, this wouldn’t be a joke to you.  I don’t know what you had her to do but me, I was never faking.  If you’ve seen the effect that this has had on me maybe you would understand that this was never a joke to me.  Sad thing is you don’t know my story and I’d rather ask him or her what they wanted to do or what they did when you did this to them, then to think I had to take your side just because you were blood.  Sad thing is you abused me the same way he did, you just choose to do it in a different way.



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