The End of Her Path

on November 2, 2013

Lying in silence
room still
atmosphere warm
lights are out
trying to get from thought to thought
only to realize

The labyrinth had so many twists and turns

That no matter what direction you went in there was some story that was being told

All the voices became too loud

That she could barely hear herself think.

That the only thing that you could see was her long jet black hair

Swinging back and forth

As she ran from path to path.

When she finally got to the end

There she stood in amazement

Looking from left to right

Those were the things that pulled her into this maze

That when she took a step forward

She closed her eyes

That when she opened them

The gate opened

Surrounding her with the most beautiful flowers

That the closer she got she was beaming with joy

All because she was where she always wanted to be.



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