Who’s Voice?

on November 14, 2013

The pain never ends

Just when you think you have everything under control

You get that hurt that’s stuck in your throat

You can see the images playing like a movie

You know all the songs that plays with that movie

You try to say something

And your words don’t come out right

Or you words do come out right

And you wonder why someone wasn’t listening

You are beyond making the pain numb

You are beyond drowning yourself in an ocean of tears

You are beyond suppressing

The one thing that scares you is that you are filled with so many words

That at this point you don’t care if his hand is raised and you are hit in the face.

She’s tired of being silent

Just say how you feel

And she keeps it in just because of that reason

She thinks you are going to hit her

The one thing that she realizes is she shouldn’t have to be exploding on the inside

Her words aren’t meant to be hurtful

She just wants you to know how she feels

And she is willing to take a risk with her life

She not treating you like her last

She just hasn’t had a voice in a while

That it’s important for her to get her point across

She sees it doesn’t matter because when she spoke

 You heard nothing because you don’t understand why she just flinched

And that is what the conversation is about

When she heard the intensity in your voice

That when she became the female who got tired of flinching.

The thing that hurts the most is she’s talking to different people at one time

And she’s wondering what voice is answering her


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