In the mirror

on November 20, 2013

She stands in the mirror and

the reflection looks much different then it did a couple of years ago

She can look in the mirror and not want to shatter the glass.

She can go outside and although her anxiety might be somewhat high she doesn’t think some sniper is going to kill her.

She knows that where she is now she is safe and secure

Although she is standing in the mirror she can still see

the images that pass as though it was part of her life

she can feel the heart she is trying so desperately not to break

She can’t find the words to tell someone she was serious about the words she had said.

She’s come so far that one decision might take her life away.

What is going to kill the most

is almost reaching the door

seeing the smile on her face but seeing the one person who started all of this

and then hearing someone call her name and when she turns around

she’s right back in the arms

of someone she feared, loved, or is in love with

and a face that is always going to be left unknown



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