Christians Schools and The Handbook

on December 4, 2013

There was a controversy going on a few weeks ago about a black female who attended a Christian school and they wanted her to cut her hair and it was something that was in the hand-book. While, I thought she should be able to wear her hair anyway she wanted to, it’s a Christian school and they have strict rules. If it’s in the hand-book that’s something that you are just going to have to put up with because chances are you had to sign something that said you obey to all the rules.

I went to a Christian school so know the rules and I know about that hand-book that they always talk about. While I never had any hair controversy there were other things that were in the hand-book, which I didn’t read.

If a male, teacher or principal entered the room, you had to stand up because that was a sign of respect. Now, I’m looking around the room like why is everybody standing, and I just stood up and my teacher brought up read the hand-book and you will be tested on it tomorrow.. Then I noticed when a female teacher entered the room nobody stood up and I’m standing up and someone say’s we only have to do that for a male. I just thought that was the weirdest things. Once again somebody said just read your handbook.

We had a strict dress code. I was so excited because I was at a Catholic School for nine years and we had uniforms. I’m turning to the page in the handbook about dress code. On Thursday we went to chapel (church) and the boys had to wear a suite and a tie and the women had to wear a skirt. Now if they had a problem with knowing if the skirt was long enough, they would make you kneel to the floor and if it didn’t touch then you were going to detention with a dress code violation. We could wear every shade of jeans except for blue. Which I’m thinking what’s the deal? every shade but not blue. When you wear blue jeans it makes you act different. By this time I’m like mom, I want to go back to uniforms. Everybody looked the same and you were always going to be in code. All these rules it’s making me go slightly crazy. I mean I remember when they would pick a theme and we would have to dress up lite it. Well the theme was beach day. No swimsuits of any kind, no tank tops, no flip-flops,, no big hats, the list went on to the point I’m sitting there like what are we suppose to wear.

If they found out you were having sex you would get kicked out. No sex before marriage. The thing that made me really mad is when I found out the female would get kicked out but they male would get to stay. My question was did she do it by herself? Another one of those handbook rules.

Bible was the most important class so if you failed bible that meant you didn’t go on to the next grade and you couldn’t even walk at graduation. There are more rules that I can think of but the thing is If it’s in the handbook you’re not going to be able to get out of it. So either get suspended, accept it or leave the school.

Golden cross and black leather biblehandbook



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