Who is her?

on December 8, 2013

Who is her?

whoever that girl was she no longer exists

so does that mean she can’t come home.

Who are you waiting for?

I don’t think she is going to show up

she’s dead and she’s been dead for a while now

Are you aware that she can look right through you,

she can smile in your face and tell you things but it’s not the girl you once knew

this person isn’t sure if she likes you or not

Do you ever listen?

Well this is her

and while she was an amateur he was a professional in the ring

she couldn’t dodge the hits,

cover up the bruises

she had cracked ribs

teeth knocked out

headaches that could make her pass out

You didn’t listen

and you know how she knows you didn’t listen

you said, because she will end up right back with him

her question is who is he?

did you hear anything that she said

did you hear anything that you said

She’s not that girl

but at the end of the day

that boy helped her in so many ways

that while you were to busy thinking of ways to get her kicked out the house

he helped her survive your reality show

that played so loud in her ears

and while you were caught up with history you can’t even tell me

when water become blood and blood didn’t exist

I can tell you everything that I heard you say

and your actions matched up to that level

that she wonders how you two ever got along.

You know what? It was never a reality show

it was somebody’s life

it was her life

Nobody is perfect

yet I took the time to listen

I took the time to express everything through a series of episodes

It’s hard not knowing what the next day is going to hold

Love, loyalty and trust be careful who you give it to because you never know when you are going to need that person and that’s something that is learned through history.

but at the end of the day the person who I was in the ring with was the person who made me stronger.

When he, when they became my blood

you became my water

and history learned something

and water absorbs until you don’t see it anymore

I don’t know how that was possible

but you were right she might have went back to them

but it was in a way that you would never expect

some relationships are silent and

nothing was ever revealed.



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