Raw Hurts

on December 13, 2013

She will never tell you how she feels

she’s already heard what you thought about the situation

She’s not sure if you would actually do that if it were you

She doesn’t feel comfortable telling you

or anybody else for that matter

The things that she has said you’ve been so harsh

that you’ve put her back at the place where words kill the soul.

You make her think that if he did that to you what is stopping you from doing it

Maybe you don’t realize that’s what you are doing.

None of her voices get along

She’s tired of hearing the sad same love song

She’s tired of the fear that she lives in

She sits in silence

She’s stripped away everything

and now you should see her as raw

Raw hurts,

Raw feels

but the one thing that raw is good at is

the one thing her doctors tell her not to do and that’s suppress.



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