Glory to God

on December 15, 2013

Luke 2:8-14

Not the essence of God, it is the extension of God.  Shekinah glory and he rested in a place.  In his son Jesus  and the angel of the Lord showed up.

Glory to God is salutation or greeting.  I give the Glory to God.  Before I give you a chance to mess up my day I’m going to say Glory to God, I just came out of something but I’m going to say Glory to God, The devil comes through the Glory of God, I’m setting the atmosphere Glory to God.

Glory to God is a direction, a commandment.   Give Glory because of what he has done.  He’s got the world in his hands, the stars, solar system, He’s got diamonds  sliver and gold.  What did he do for me? He brought me from a mighty long way.  Give him the glory for who he is.  He was God when you got here and he’s going to be God when you leave here.

Exhortations, Let us give the Glory to God. It covers you, When you are asleep it’s not the high-tech security system that keeps you safe it’s the Glory of God, You are in the hospital and it’s not the good doctors that you have it’s the Glory of God.  Glory invites him.  When he shows up he will move in with you.  Like turning the porch light at night, Everybody will find a way to you.  God is silent, God is fear, Turn on the light give him the glory.

We give everybody props and none of them woke us up this morning.  Glory to God, he lifted us up, for who he is, for what he has, Let us give God the Glory.  Let us come into the house of the Lord, Come into his presence.  The Lord is good. Take off the Siddityness and you will find great power.  When you see the glory your first response should be give him the glory.  The theme of Christmas give the glory to God,  you can’t find all the pieces to the tree, give the glory to God. Your house isn’t ready for all the people to come, give the glory to God.  We haven’t seen Jesus yet but give him the glory to God.

We have sat on it and not going to do it anymore.  When we think of who you are, and what you did for us. We can only say Glory to God.  Are you ready to give God your hope, love and souls.





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