already had her lifetime

on December 22, 2013

She might as well take a whole bottle of pills and kill herself .pill_bottle_gps.

Don’t worry about which wrist it was on


Don’t tell her anything she has to learn how everybody else learned   screaming-woman-579286_51266544-small Those were my ears bitch, not yours

What was the joke because nobody was laughing but you.

Sometimes you have to leave to find yourself 14d3o0kimages

I’d been gone for four years and you made her throw me out like a piece of trash.

craz You should be happy he is trying to help you. Haven’t seen this person in over decades


I don’t want her around my child

I was fucking him before she was

You made our mother say I could never be there


Your words not mine

Don’t feel like you have to say thing that I have been through when you have no ideal.Especially when you have never been through this.


This is me getting all my feelings out because

when the new year comes I don’t want to be writing this.

Maybe you will pick up on it or maybe you won’t.

I never wanted the world to revolve around me and I was never the drama queen. You are mean hurtful and I’m mean vindictive.

Broken, Bruised, Depressed, Bi-polar or whatever you want to call me

I’m just the female who got an apology from him and not you.

You don’t need to know who he is

and it seemed like Water was thicker then blood.

Our paths will only cross

once in a lifetime and now she’s already had her lifetime.



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