Victorious Testimony

on December 29, 2013


Revelation 12:7-12

We shouldn’t be worried when Satan attacks.  Satan can start a war in the house, Your marriage is smooth and Satan starts a war, You go to work and Satan starts war with your new boss. Children start acting weird.  If Satan started a war in heaven you aren’t special.  Just because Satan starts a war you don’t have to roll over.

There;s purging in the blood.  Blood purges you of sin,  Nothing to accuse you with. He has no control over you  What can make me whole, the blood of Jesus 

The power is in the blood, saving power.  Protection is when I see the blood on the door post I know they are on the other side.  I’m saved because of the blood.  In spite of sins, short-comings I know it was the blood that saved me.  One day I was lost but now I am found.

History is what happened.  Testimony is when something happens you expressed you experienced.  Prince of Liars, everything he says is a like.  I’m not going to believe what you say I rebuked you. Neutralizers him as defeated foe.  The term Lame duck means the term is over.  You have no power.  Young people don’t listen to old people.  They don’t know nothing.  We don’t listen, they still got flip phones.  When you testify I’ve already been there I’ve wrote my initials in cement .  You are crying tears you don’t have to cry because I have been there.  You are going through pain that you don’t have to experience.  Testimony can save heartbreak.

Corroborative Witness God is a healer, Me to, Savior blessed me, Me to, I’m not the first to testify  and say Amen, Me to, I don’t need a subpoena, I don’t need a judge

It takes one word to overcome Satan.

Shark  and people run out the water, Lysol overcomes germs, Raid overcomes roaches.

Say the right word and the right time and the right word is JESUS.




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