Joy in January

on January 5, 2014

Hebrew 12:1-2

We are excited for JOY in June.  School is out, graduations take place, Wedding bells and Summertime fun.  JOY in January and you are still dealing with December.Decorations have to be taken down, Debts show up in January, Guilt of resolutions passed.  I’m not surprised people don’t have JOY in January.

You can have JOY in January If you made it another year.  Everybody can’t be Valedictorian with a 4.0. You got Leroy who got a negative two and he is happy he made it.  It was by the Grace of God.  Depression had me down, Satan thought he had me but Jesus jumped in and saved me.

You can have JOY because you have another chance.  You have a second chance and these people come in categories: Trifling is when you don’t like those people and if you do something nice and something good comes out of it you are upset because you don’t like them and want all negative things to happen to them. Attempted and you fall into temptation.  Even after we sinned God still gives us another chance.  Haven’t done anything wrong is the perfect and upright person,  Satan took your health and your family is in financial trouble. Your tried and tested but God will give you another chance.  You woke up this morning, that was another chance, Your feet was underneath the table and the table had food on it, that was another chance.

What is set before me.  January is the beginning.  It’s easy to get sad, depressed and you feel like giving up.  Run the race with patience. If it’s behind me I don’t have to deal with it anymore but he had JOY for what was set ahead of him.  Blessings before you.  God already set the table all you have to do is scoot up.  I got heaven before me.  When we all see Jesus.  One day we are all going to see Jesus, walk the streets of glory, Who wants to see Jesus?, touch him, be with him, he’s the Lilly of the valley and Father of the Faithful.

I got JOY because I made it. I got another chance and what is set before me.  You get JOY for what you are about to receive and we Thank you Lord.  You have done so much for us that we can’t say it all.



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