In her own world

on January 16, 2014

She lives in her own world

full of confusion,

questions left unanswered,

It feels like someone ripped her heart out with their bare hands.

She’s cried so many tears

and even they don’t have nowhere to go anymore.

She lives in her own world



Blood isn’t suppose to betray you

that’s a hurt that can never be fixed

Alone with a man she hadn’t seen in over a decade

Who’s idea was that?

passed to someone else when he got tired

which was two weeks.

Alone, silent, not knowing what the next day held.

Calling shelters

to be on a waiting list.

Her body was frail

Frail like you could blow air on her and she would fall to the ground

frail like everything you eat you getting thinner and thinner.

When she called blood

they were too busy to talk

couldn’t take time out their day

She was gone for four years

came back and got treated worse than what she had become

accustomed to.

She will never be

the person she was before

that person is dead

and sometimes from the look of things she wished she was to.



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