Waiting For The Promise

on January 26, 2014

Acts 1:4

Wishing that promise will not come.  When is the promise going to come.  God has the power to do anything, he can move mountains. What is taking so long? You get impatient, You get indigent.

Why do we have to wait?  It’s his promise and God is God all by himself

It’s a promise not a payment,  Visa gives you a payment anything after that due date is a payment.  We own God everything that we have.  At least you have a promise waiting.  Assurance hasn’t happened.  Hope is waiting for it to happen.  Waiting on the bus. You know it’s going to show up at  930 am or a little after but Hitch-hiking you hope somebody will come by.

He promised to save.  He heals, he blesses, he takes care of the children and gives blessings. It’s not here yet but you have a promise.

How long will I have to wait? One Word Until.  Until he speaks.  When you speak you make it worse.  When he speaks his voice is like the sound of birds,  How long are we going to have to wait?

Until he gives us a sign. If you go to battle, it’s a sign.  If you go out on faith, it’s a sign.  You see a jogger in their nice outfits jogging down the street.  When the light turns red, they don’t stop.  What do they do? They jog in place and when the light turns greens they continue jogging.  If you marriage is messed up the light will change, If your family is in disarray the light will change.

Some of us get caught off guard.  I’m your yellow light, it’s about to change.  It’s not red, it’s green and that’s your sign

Wait till he shows. You: Where is it? God: I’m going to show you. You: God can you give me more information? God: I’m going to show you.

You get in trouble wondering because God didn’t show you. How are you going to make it through? There is peace in the storm, power in the powerless.  You are in the store looking for something and you see the signs and you walk up and down the aisles.  Finally you see a worker and her signs says, How can I help you?  You ask her where the lights are,  And she takes you down the aisle, the same aisle you were in.  Had you went two more spaces you would have been right there.  Wait till God shows you.

Wait till he showers you.  I don’t want sprinkles and I don’t want light rain.  I want showers of blessings.

Wait till he sends it.  They prayed and they talked to God.  Before promises come get on one accord.  Suddenly the power showed up.  When you think God for about you, when you stop worrying it shows up.

Suddenly people life get a little better.  If we give God a chance he will be there. Everybody in this room has a piece of God’s promise.  God has the Power.  Run like there is nobody behind you. Power is to be blessed.  Turn around.

His promise we don’t have no power.  When it comes it was worth the wait.


2 responses to “Waiting For The Promise

  1. As both a Christian and someone with a literary blog, I really love this post. So perfect and inspiring for a Sunday! It really is a blessing to wait for God’s promise.

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