on January 28, 2014

Sometimes you think why

and even though you want an answer chances are you aren’t going to believe it.

Sometimes somebody hurts you

and you want  an apology but saying, I’m sorry isn’t good enough.

Aren’t you worth gold to know what they are sorry for?

You can cry at a moments notice from listening to a song, or watching a  movie

and totally break down over a past break-up just because you suppressed

and now your real feelings are starting to show.

Sometimes you feel like you have nobody

The fact is you don’t have to agree with how I feel or what I am going through

Do you know how a hug speaks  volumes,

Do you know that an email with a just thinking about you

can light up somebody’s smile.

Sometimes people just don’t care

and somebody always get’s hurt.

Sometimes when someone walks away

doesn’t call you

a text sounds cold

just leave them alone

because maybe you were the person

who made them feel worse than what the problem really was.

Just let it be sometimes.

hope (1)



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