She cried

on January 29, 2014


The tears fell down her face in the middle of the night.

She laid still  with a rapid heartbeat

there was no sound just pure silence in the background

She laid there with her arms around

one of her twin cabbage patch kids

and cried

and cried

and talked

The only best thing in the world

is she was longing for a hug

and that seemed to help in many ways.

She cried

and  cried

something things she doesn’t understand

and those are things that she really needs to know

but every time she ask a question

the answer is always nobody knows how to talk to you

anymore because you are so sensitive.

She cried even more

because the fact is when you say something hurtful

it would affect someone in one ways then you would think.

She cried because at that moment

she wished her baby would talk to her

It gets lonely

when there is nobody

and you are always in silence.

Crying and crying

because she knows

it’s always going to be like this

It’s a never-ending battle

that always full of pain.



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