Walking in Authority

on February 3, 2014

Luke 10:18-20

If you want to have a society you must have authority.  Without authority there will be accidents at every intersections or people would die in the hospital with no doctors.

Authority is the power given to a group by something outside themselves.

Position is to have power,

Personality is people are drawn to you,

Performance is what they can do,

Popularity is I don’t get Duck Dynasty but they are popular,

Providence is you get authority from God.

Recognize and respect authority. If you can’t like the president respect the position of authority.

Honor thy mother and father is the only commandment with  a promise.

The first place you learn to respect authority is your mom and dad.

If you don’t respect mom and dad in the house there is something waiting for you outside and they don’t have to like you.

Walk in authority

Walking with authority means a man can walk with authority but be lost.

A model can be walking down the runway with authority but she has on other’ designers clothes.

Walking in authority means you are more connected to you. It’s what they see

and it’s what you don’t say.  The authority God gives you, you are connected and you have power.

Connected to the creator, connected to the provider.

Have confidence when you know you have it.  You just walk into it.

I shouldn’t be deleted, I should be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Believe in Jesus Christ and you have authority.

The French fry woman at McDonald’s when your drive up to the counter

she don’t care that you have a red Lambo, and dressed in a five hundred suit.

and you sitting there begging for fries.  She has the authority over you.

I give you power over all power.  That’s a reason to praise God.

You are included.  You have the power to over come a demon.

Having your name written in heaven is  more important.

It’s time to exercise your God-given authority, in the name of Jesus

things happen.

Walk in Jerusalem ,

Walk in glory and that is written in heaven.

You may not have your name on the invitation at the White House or the capital club downtown.

I give you the power of  all power over the enemy.

You are capable and that’s a reason to praise God.

You are included . You have power and having your name written is more important.

There’s an angle assigned to write your name

in the gates of paradise.



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