The Power In You

on February 9, 2014


Which is most unexpected territory? Interspace or outer space? Do we know what lives out there.  We know what will happen on the inside.  We have some power in us.  We haven’t explored out power yet.

Creative Power  Design, form, fashion and an image to create.  Somebody had to make it, to design it and to step outside the box.

Survival Power I don’t care how ugly the situation is I know I will survive.  You didn’t think you could survive but you looking at me and you have survived.  You’ve survived divorce, lost of a love one, job, sickness and sorrow.  Survival of the difficulties of pain.  When you see power in your face looking in the mirror you will see survivor power.

Kingdom Power  Reign, Rule and Sovereignty is inside of you.  Power King is inside of me.  Power King woke me up this morning and put me on my way.

Does it feel like the power isn’t working? Not working because of sin.  You can’t call Sin because it’s a diagnosis, Sin hasn’t changed.  The wages of sin are death.  Sin is sneaky.  It will start one day at a time.  Sin separate’s you  from your power.  Sin makes you disobey.  They know what straight but they won’t do it.

Psalm 51

Sin has clogged up. If your  cleanse restore  me.  My power will work.  When your power isn’t working it’s because Satan knows how much power you have.  Keeps you from doing what you should be doing.

Situation  Some of us got power we never thought that we had.  A German Shepherd starts to chase you and you got power you never knew you had.  When you are in a situation give God the glory, remember what mama and grandma taught you. Find your power.

When you get power

and it starts working

You give God the glory.

It’s not about God’s power, it’s not about power working in you.  We lean on God

and he is waiting for us.



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