The story is about to end

on February 10, 2014

She didn’t like the role she got herself into.

It was very predictable of how it was going to go down

once she arrived there.

There were so many rules

that she could have gotten  more comfort

from being alone at  her house,

If for any reason she gave you the wrong impression she is sorry

but what she won’t tolerate is you thinking you have all the control and power,

When you are ready for something that’s when you hit her up.

If you would have just said what was going on then maybe something would have been worked out.

Yet instead you did what every guy has already done

that was a major turn-off

You don’t hang up on someone and don’t call them back

It’s sad that she had to learn something from taxi cab confessions

when you should have just told her.

If you really want to see me you would have made every effort to do so

but you played some game that has been played out.

A game that I’m all too familiar with.

Don’t get an attitude with me

because I won’t work myself into your schedule or situation.

Your not going to have me playing mommy

and  you can’t even take me anywhere


getting attached to a child that isn’t mine.

I can overlook the number

but what I can’t overlook is why she isn’t staying with you.

Why did you dump her on someone else.

What ever female you thought I was

you were wrong.

One thing I won’t do is lower my standard

just to know how the story is about to end.




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