No Emotion

on February 15, 2014

She can’t feel any emotions

and even if she could she wouldn’t care anyway.

Too many people all hurt her at the same time

and it was too many people that she trusted.

Now they live in some world of non-existence

and all she wants to do is escape someplace.

If she would have known she would have stayed right where she was

and it would have ended a lot soon.

I don’t want people on my team who talk just because they like to hear themselves.

I don’t want a baby mama who only knows that role

Sorry is sorry but

you can’t expect the golden arches to come down just because that’s the way you want it.

I like where I am at

and I don’t even want to come back to that city.

It would just be pointless

and at least one person is going to feel like it’s there right to make me go to some manic state.

I want to end the chapter since there is no emotion.

No emotions  no heartbreak

no heartbreak no reasons

This is one of my many last goodbye’s

because the other one comes in a form

of a doctor’s signature

and that is the one that is going to come from the hurt.

Until then,





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