The Front Porch

on February 17, 2014

There she was just lying there for someone to pick her up

What did she do that was so bad that someone would leave her

how did they know that she was in good hands

What made her pick this house out of all the houses on the block.

She laid their crying for what seems like hours

but at least she was warm

and knew that it was a lot of love inside of her basket.

Finally someone opened the door and saw me in the basket

and read the note, which said

You need her more than I do and now you will have someone who will always love you.

She was safe and she was loved

even though her parents were always there for her

she always remembers that she was the girl who was left out on the front porch because her biological mom didn’t love her.

At the end of the day she always knew she was in good hands

and never regretted a moment of how long it took them to open the door.



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