March Renewal affirmation challenge

on March 6, 2014


Let go and release can sometimes be a hard thing. You get so mad that you keep everything inside that when something small happens you blow up and someone is looking at you like what is she talking about.  It’s hard to tell a person how they treated you or how you felt when they did something to you because for some reason you don’t want to hurt them.  Once you find that place of serenity you will be more calm, more peaceful and you will let go, release and wonder why it took you so long to do this.


I’m a complex person with different sides. Some days you never know what you are going to get but its always with a hug and a smile. I’m someone who loves helping other people and don’t want them to hurt or suffer like some people want them to. It’s a journey and has it’s up’s and down’s but as long as you have faith you can get through it.


Let’s face it some people just don’t care about you.  They can look in your face and do everything imaginable behind your back. It hurts but try not to let it get to you.  Find some way to forgive them so that you don’t hold this in and become a different you.


I’m always hard on myself and sometimes that get me down in the dumps. One thing that I have learned is if you are mad at someone, broke up with someone, or in any kind of unhealthy relationship it’s important to try to find someway to forgive them even if you don’t talk to them. If you have to write a letter to get everything out then do it because the more you hate them the more power they have control over you. You can forgive just don’t forget what you went through so you don’t have to repeat it twice



You want everything to be perfect sometimes that you don’t realize who you are becoming.  You don’t have to be glammed up to be beautiful.  Be you and let your hair down and you will accept your flaws with no problems at you.  Your not God so stop thinking you are perfect.


It’s been some long years and now I feel like I am finally somewhere near peace.  I broke down my walls because I needed to so that I could become a new me.  I met certain people half way and the rest I cleaned out my closet and they are no longer part of my life.  Some people know who they are and some don’t.  I’ve learned how to keep my distance but still keep my peace.



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