Reality Inside Her Head

on March 7, 2014

Her head explodes everyday with so much unnecessary information that even though she is standing still she feels like she is running and gasping for air at the same time.

There are so many thoughts that she wonders if they can see everything playing on their screen. Do they know who these people are? because some of them she has never seen before so how is she suppose to tell them something.  Even though it’s sad some she don’t talk to anymore and really just don’t care anymore and those must be the people who she really can’t see she just knew what happened.

How come nobody told her about the rules? Are there any rules? How are you born this way? The list of questions goes on and on. She thinks she knows how it started but nobody ever believed what she said.

If she had to be connected with machines just to know the truth she would have already been in that program.  Instead she sits, watches and hears everything that is going on and hope it’s never someone who means the most and that will be the one time she can’t find them.




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