A Basket Case

on March 9, 2014

leave mme alone


Exodus 2:1-10

In World War one army quad-amputee were called basket cases.  Later on people in psyche wards were considered basket cases.  Basket cases were wounded, bounded and messed up.  They don’t function on a daily basis.

You might be a basket case if you are bundled with nerves, live on pins and needles, subject to hyper or hypo active multiple problems at the same time, Paralysis of analysis at anytime.

If you found out you were a basket case you are not alone.

1.  Moses was condemned to death at birth.  Crime was where he was born, in Egypt and that he was born to Hebrew parents and they were Levis.  Born Hebrew and male in Egypt was not good.  Even though the people who loved him they couldn’t do anything else with him.  They put a muzzle on him, hide him in the back of the house.  They couldn’t keep a secret that there was a baby in the house.  He was tied up in tight quarters and was in a basket.  He was set adrift to dangerous waters.  Water that can kill you, alligators, snakes and diseases in the water  Moses was a basket case but he survived.

2.  Pharaoh condemned him but the community covered him. Midwives were told to kill the infant boy babies but they believed in God.  We have to cover our children and come together as a community.  All we know is chat rooms, social media and Facebook.  They didn’t know what to do with him but they knew who to turn him over to .  You put a child on a school bus you got to turn them over, You child is lying in the hospital bed and the doctor says, they aren’t going to make it and you walk out of the room, you’ve got to turn them over.  I turned it all over to Jesus and he worked it all out.

3.  Even though he was drifting on a dangerous waters he was equipped to float.  How are you going to drive you and your baby in the water.  She made a basket with slime, asphalt and she waterproofed it.  Somebody today floated.  They didn’t have protection but they floated.

4.  God specializes  in basket cases.  The stuff that Dr. Phil can’t figure out, The things Dr. Oz can’t diagnosis and the stuff that was to bad for Jerry Springer.  God says bring it to me.  He specializes in basket cases.

Why he specializes in basket cases

God directs the flow of the water.  If it was in a few feet of water he might have been eaten up.  You can be in danger but still God has control.  As long as you are with me nothing is going to happen to you.  He controls the flow of the river. 

God put’s the right people in your path.  The baby floating in the water what are the chances that he floats to Pharaoh’s daughter’s house.  She took him out the water and she knew who he was. The  Hebrew woman nursed her own baby and got paid for it. When the child grew older she took him to Pharaoh’s daughter and that became her son.

Have you ever went to apply for a loan and the first thing that you say is my credit isn’t all that good and the person looks at you and he helps you out.    You are applying for a job and you check the box that you have a criminal record.  The man looks at you and says I’m going to help you out.  God put someone in your path that says even though I know what you did I’m going to help you.

God helps you not to become a basket case because he puts someone in your path he finds somebody to speak up for you.

God turns your basket case into an unbelievable blessing.  He took the water out the rock,  they were mourning.  As it floats and it wasn’t a casket it was a cocoon.  He goes in  crawling but comes out flying.  Transformed.

I’m coming out of this new attitude new figure and new transformation.   You look at your basket case, God see’s you as a showcase.

He’s on my mind.  In my right mind.  I was broke but now I have ten dollars. I was lost and now I am saved.  I was a basket case now I’m a showcase




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