Who is the Lord

on March 16, 2014

Exodus 5:1-2

Who is the Lord that I should obey?  I know who I am said, Pharaoh.  He is the King of Kings, The Chief of the most important army, he presides over pyramids.  I know who I am, Who is the Lord?

Moses was adopted Hebrew, an orphan boy, ungrateful traitor.  He was raised in riches turned on the Egyptians people.  Murderer in my face trying to act like a minister.

Every single day people ask, who is the Lord that I should obey? Disobey laws, disregard the word and they change his laws to protect their own lifestyles. Who is the Lord.  You know how when you are in class and you know the answer and you raise your hand saying pick me, pick me, I know the answer.  Call on me I know who the Lord is yet Moses glossed over it

Pharaoh didn’t know he was close to the answer.  Remember algebra, 75 percent of the answer is in the question.  If you know the question then you know the answer.

Lord is a who and not an it or a what: The lord has personality, he hears,listens knows and acknowledge.

The Lord is a is and not a was: Who is the Lord? God is the only is that never was a will because he always is.

He knows you: He knows what you are going to do before you do it.  He already knows what is on the drawing board.

Power to Persuade you:  Jonah disobeyed. The storms were turned into water and the whale had to catch him.  If you go the wrong way God has power to persuade you.  If he is calling you then answer, God has the power.

God loves you: He sent us his son, gave us grace, saved our souls, brand new name, he work us up this morning.  Yes Jesus loves me because the bible tells me so.

If we let him he can save us:  We can be saved from sin.  There is time you need to be saved after that and he’s always there for you.

He is Lord:  As Lord he is the source of everything.  Everything that you have comes from the Lord. Are you glad that he’s a substance because sometimes it keeps going.  It get’s you to a place.

Sovereign over everything:  Sovereign over system, over the solar system.  Lord is Lord.  Who is Lord.  He is The Lord, not a king but The King

Why should we obey?

He made me before you got buffed up, before you became what you are.  He made you, saved you, sanctified you. You got in trouble and he has saved you out of trouble, saved you out of a jam and affliction.  He saves my life more than one time.

How do I get in touch? How do I connect to him?  Just call his name.  What name do you call? Call him Lord:

He will answer.  Just call his name and he will show up.  You can always go through this son Jesus.  He is the Alpha and the Omega.  Deliver and Emmanuel.  Friend closer to brother, Prince of Peace, Mary’s Baby. Anybody knows him?

Who is this Lord that I should obey?  You should have stopped Pharaoh right there.  There wasn’t a sixth chapter of Exodus.  If Moses would have slowed down Israel might have been turned around.  I know who he is.  He puts water in dry places, When I need him most he is always there.

Who are you to that you should disobey him?  This is God’s Word, God’s Will.  I’m not going to do it and I’m just going to obey.


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