A Reason to Hold on

on March 23, 2014

Genesis 32:24-26  Preached by Rev. Ceylon Wise

Have you ever come across somebody who let themselves go? You remember a female from high school and know matter what her hair was always perfect. After the rain or after a workout it would still be bouncy with no frizz or tangles.  Then you see her one day and her hair looks like a bird’s nest and very matted. You say to yourself she let yourself go.

There are some things that are appealing to letting yourself go.  Have you ever felt like smacking somebody across the face that has bothered you for five years?  Have you been on a diet and just said, forget this  I want the oreo cheesecake.  I want something delicious. Sometimes we don’t feel like turning the other cheek. It’s hard to hold on when the hurt affects your heart.  Is there a reason to hold on to your marriage, your vision or your child

God will touch me: A mother’s touch can help an infant grow stronger and healthier. An amateur massage from a loved one can relive stress and ease depression.  There was a woman with blood disorder and the doctor’s couldn’t heal her.  She was going to Jesus and she touched him and she was healed.  God has the power to restore, heal and protect us.

Sometime when God touches you it hurts. When we wrestle with God something could get dislocated or it could hurt.  We give Satan too much credit.  It’s not always him, God could do something to hurt you. He can move it out the way and sometimes it’s uncomfortable.  You use to find comfort in these things but I want you to walk with me.  This dislocation is going to cause you to relocate. Are you relocating to a new place of faith? God is saying trust me and let your faith grow in me.Nobody has a touch like God in the kitchen Rachel Ray has the kitchen touch, On the gold field Tiger Woods has the putter’s touch but God has the Master touch.  I can’t believed I wrestled with God and he gave me strength to endure.  He touches you at that second.  A touch that has a healing touch.  What was a sign of weakness turns into strength. Why are you praying over your food all the time. One day I didn’t know where my food was coming from and now I do. Why are you praising  God like that but if you know what I have been thorough you’d know that God is on your side. In the state you are in right now if God gave you your soul mate it wouldn’t last three weeks.  If God gave you a million bucks with the state you are in right now that money would be gone by the end of the year.

God will name me: Babies names are popular and so are the meanings.  No matter how much you put into it your always going to have a nickname or something somebody calls you. There is a lot of weight in a name.  Jacob had a twin brother name Esau and Jacob wanted to come out first and he put his hand in the way. The name Jacob means planter or try to replace. He heard the words deceiver, manipulator and his name took on this path.  We are living up to a false name because that’s all we know is your slow, you’re so bad, your only good for one thing or we will never live up to your responsibilities.  If we aren’t careful we will live up to that name.  I called her Melissa and her name was Milena.  She did what I wanted her to do.  My voice had authority but next time she isn’t going to respond to Melissa. Don’t let people define who you are.

Jacob asked God for a blessing but God gave him an identity.   Jacob said I won’t let go until you bless me.  God said I won’t bless you until you know who you are.  God changed his name to Israel and said, I’m going to bless you. She was an adulteress but God gave her the name forgiven.  He said if you are so perfect go ahead and cast the same stone.   She was a prostitute but Jesus named her great and told her she would always be remembered.  There was a boy who was insane and straight up crazy but got Jesus renamed him sane and in his right mind.

God will bless you: Do you know how to catch. I will throw the ball to you but you didn’t catch it. I threw it again and you still didn’t catch it. He was throwing the ball in the wrong direction so why didn’t he go over there to catch the ball.  God said, He blessed him there. Not here but there.

Have you been tired, stressed out, have you been there when you want to hold on but give up.  Have you been there?  If you find yourself there Just hold on and God will bless you there.  You were in over your head but God pulled you back in.  You ask God to bless you at 2 pm at my house.  God says I will bless you at your weakness, or at your lowest.  God will bless you there.

Hold on







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