Something Lost

on March 28, 2014

Who were you to define who you thought she was, what she meant and how she felt. You disregard her feelings and changed them to what you wanted them to mean. Trust was lost in a matter of seconds when your words showed how you really cared about her. Years of being in your life and it never meant one thing to you.

There’s days when she think about it, There’s days when she cries over it and there’s days when she is over  with it. Those are the days that seem to either be the strongest or the weakest. Since we don’t communicate anymore that say’s it all right there. It was never about an apology, but some understanding and it wasn’t about something revolving around me it was about you knowing the story.

With the help of my support team I have closed that chapter in my life with no rage, and no power. She knows that none of this was her fault and while you were using your words as a form of power, she shut down her heart so that it wouldn’t bleed in hurt anymore.




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