Gender Netural Parenting

on April 2, 2014

Your male child who likes cars, planes motorcycles and likes the color blue would you allow him to wear a pink tu-tu and paint his nails in sparkly colors? Just because a little boy picks up a Barbie doll doesn’t mean he’s going to be gay. Just because he has an easy bake oven or a kitchen doesn’t mean he’s going to be gay. Teaching him how not to be aggressive I’m sure you can find other ways to do this. It brings on another issue of when this child goes to school he’s going to be bullied and have no friends. Schools are so strict over haircuts so imagine what they would do if one day he wore pants and the next a dress. If you do home schooling you are alienating him from interacting with other children.

Me personally when I was little I was the biggest tom-boy in the world. Every neighborhood we moved to the only people who were my age were little boys. I wore the dark colors, I played foot-ball, and climbed tree-houses. Even my girly side was still tomboyish. I loved my Barbie dolls, the corvette, the dream house, swimming pool, my little ponies, Ken and the Michael Jackson doll but at the end of the day security was GI Joe figures. I remember crying on the first day of school and said I don’t ever want to wear a dress again to school and from that point on it was always skirts or pants.

My parents never said choose between the two sides. They never said no you can’t play with the boys. The only thing that I had to learn how to do was how to be friends with a female.

What are your thoughts?


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