Daniel’s Plan

on May 5, 2014

The dilemma was the way to function in a foreign land. Changed his name, this was a demonic hostile environment and he had to be adapted to the situations. You don’t have to go far to be in a foreign land. You can cross Broad Street and be in a foreign land. You can go to Wal-Mart to Niemen Marcus and be in a foreign land or you could have a happy marriage to a messy divorce.

What you do and how you do your function. When you find yourself you can function in a foreign land and you need a plan. You need like minded friends. He was around a lot of people, but not everybody was his friend. Real friends don’t have to say Why do you pray, Why did you go to church today.

Decrease in my diet and doesn’t want to eat the king’s food. I may go to have ask for the king, but I’m not going to defile myself. When you depend on the king you become helpless but when you depend on the King of Kings your life will change.

Not about being happy, it’s about being holy. If you want to be like God, you have to be holy. Don’t be embarrassed about being holy. I’m going to demonstrate your own fitness. They don’t like you because you don’t look like them or sound like them or eat like the. If you let us eat our own stuff we will be alright. Just give us ten days to eat our stuff.

Be Rich and Righteous and not Ruthless. Determined to be focused. You may live in a foreign land, but you don’t have to consider that your home. While I was in Ghana for three weeks, there was a whole bunch on chickens in the road. How do they know where home is at? They don’t have no dog tags or chicken tags on. The man responded to me, They know where home is and every night that is where they go.

You don’t have to adopt it, but you can adapt to it. If anybody asks you who you are say, I am a child of God. There comes a time when you have to declare your faith. Your life is on the line- go pray I’m not going to scripture you but I am going to declare my faith. Don’t ask me why I am smiling and not frowning.

I’m going to depend on God’s faith. Daniel had favor with man that he was suppose to kill but God’s favor is faithful. God woke us up this morning, Put me out to make a way out of no way, Fiery Furnace, I’m sitting here right now, I graduated yesterday, I got saved. I may be in a foreign land but I thank God for the favor.


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