Your Mama’s Faith

on May 11, 2014

Timothy 2:1-5

You don’t like people talking about your mama. There are people in the hospital because they talked about somebody’s mama, there are people in jail because they talked about somebody mother. Out of all the things he could remember about this mother was her faith. Faith is the most essential and fundamental than anything else. Faith in the background got into the foreground.

We owe ourselves. It takes faith to become a mother. Fearful you won’t come back. Forced no choice to go with it. It takes a little faith. Faith to raise a baby by itself and faith to be a mother.

Our successes are the reason you are where you are today is because you had a mama in the background. When nobody else believed you ‘s said that’s my child, that’s my baby.

Salvation in mama’s faith taught you have to pray. Who taught you to kneel at night, and say Now I a lay me down the sleep. When she sat beside you at the table she taught you God is good God is great. When you get stuck in prayer say, Lord you know my heart or Jesus Wept

People say they can’t bring their child to church because he don’t know how to act. He won’t sit still or he won’t be quiet. How do you know he won'[t if you don’t bring him. If he can sit in front of the television and watch Dora the Explorer, Dog with a blog, Sponge Bob or anything else then he can come and serve Jesus Christ.

You may not owe it to your mother, but you owe it to a mother.



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