In a World

on May 21, 2014

In a world so high

So serene

So peaceful

That one can only enjoy the day

No thoughts

Just you

She closes her eyes and can feel the wind blowing through her hair

The butterfly that just landed on her knee

A day of perfection

When things change it’s a low

The tears are streaming

Her chest is tight

She can’t stop the feelings coming in because they happen so fast

She lives in a world where her days are never known what they are going to be like

She doesn’t know if she is going to be in a world of life or death

She lives in a world where every all she did was yell like she was in charge of his whole entire show but forget it was somebody’s life.  She felt why bring her home for all of this. One more blow and she would have been killed.  Thanks for making her relive almost the same experience,  what a triple whammy.

She lives in a world where she’s talking to you like she doesn’t know you, but she knows everything about you. For some reason you reached out to her and that was the piece that she needed to find out if somebody human was there.
She was 80 pounds who looked like she walked out of a grave with pale skin. She hit herself in the head so much because the volume in her eardrums was too loud. She looked traumatized and spaced out for a whole year and a half.  First staying with some man she hasn’t seen in over two decades and a stranger who took her in.

She lives in a world where it was glossed over and she was hurt the most, and now her best friend seems to be the meds she takes everyday to make her sane.


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