Enough is Enough

on June 1, 2014

Rev. Solan Wise, guest pastor

1 Kings 17:8-16


Enough is enough when God directs it.  Verse 14, if you make for us you will see you will never run out of food.  She was blessed abundantly .  Most people don’t like to share. People are quick to say well why don’t you do this first and then I will do what you asked me to.  . God’s promise versus Fulfillment.  The more we exercise our faith the more we acknowledge God.

We want God to burst open pantry with perishable goods, why didn’t he just give her food daily. Just flour and oil but they have expiration dates.  We don’t need to ask God to fill our bodies with things that are going to expire or wilt away.

Enough is Enough because God delivers.  We pray for addition.  Buy me a new house, but instead he multiples and lets the roof not leak or not allow people to break into your home.  You already have what  you need.


When you woke up this morning you decided if you were going to have cereal or yogurt, if you were going to church or not, if you were going to speed or go the speed limit.


Homicide is killing of a human, Suicide is killing yourself and decide is killing your options.  In chapter 18 Elijah made a decision.  End of the drought and send some rain.  We kink up our lives by road blocks, temptation, cussing somebody out and areas that bring judgment on our sins.  We try to untie the knots by ourselves but God makes the decision to cut the knots so you don’t have any more kinks.


There is nothing wrong with having nice stuff but we shouldn’t overlook when enough is enough.


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