floating in the air

One minute she was on a level of high, floating in the air, and anger out.

Within a phone call conversation and hearing someone’s voice in the background

She turned into an entirely different person.

The rage,  and hatred came out

And she still doesn’t understand why.

It’s never going to work

And I can’t fake it and I wouldn’t want to

Might as well say our last goodbye’s now

Cause the only time I could tolerate being around you

Is when she closes her eyes to death.

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If I told you a story would you sit there and listen,
Would you interrupt and ask questions.
Would you tell me your honest opinion about what you think, instead of what somebody told you.
Would you just say that she is playing the victim or see the progress she has made.
Or would you just be one of those people who are ignorant to society and never deserved to hear my  story  in the first  place



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