Sunshine Award

Today’s post is a little different but I’m sure you will like it.  I was nominated by the beautiful  for the Sunshine Award and I am here to share and nominate a few blogs that I love as well:


The rules are very simple for the Sunshine Award:

1. Feature the logo in your post

2. Link the person who nominated you.

3. You all have to check out the blog  it’s the most  inspirational and informed website that I have seen in a while. It takes you through journey’s and you might find  out who you are as an individual.

4.  Write 10 pieces of information about yourself

5.  Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”

6.  Leave a comment on each bloggers’ blog and let know about the award!

7.  Leave a comment on each bloggers’ blog and let know about the award!

Well, I did 14 facts yesterday. Who’s ready for 10 more?

Let’s get this started,  here are ten interesting facts about me, want to know  more join the site

1.  I hate to stand in long lines

2.  I love to write poetry and short stories

3.  I don’t have any kids but I only have twin names picked out.

4.  When I was seventeen I wanted to go to the London school of make-up

5.  I have a fascination with London, Paris and Japan

6.  When I was in high school I took a black and white photography class, I love taking pictures and sometimes being in front of the camera.

7.  I love to cook

8.  My favorite foods are Thai, Italian, Sushi and Seafood

9.  I’m going through traumatic events that happened within the last year.  It’s not easy but I take one day at a time.

10. I love to watch fashion shows, learn about the latest make-up trends and try new things.

Here are the 10 blogs and bloggers that I nominate for this wonderful award:

1.  Anastasia  This blog caught my attention and I fell in love with everything beauty.  She has everything that you can imagine to be on this site.

2.  Michelle  If you are having a hard time picking out a book to read then here is your place to go.  Reviews on tons of books.

3.  AJ Alexander This is the number one entertainment site.  Best singers, great management, sexy models and a lot more.

4.  Pachet  Burson Her site is very inspirational with a lot of things that make you think about your life.  She has so many creative things going on your always wondering what she is going to come up with next

5.  Candace Corey One of the best make-up artist in the world. If you don’t know how to apply make-up this is the place to come

6. Everything you ever wanted to know about Lucid Dreaming.

7.  20 Lines a Day  Go to this site to get a variety of  writing and see things from different views.

8. Laura Bloomsbury  She has lots of interesting things on her site and I know you will enjoy it.

9. Rosy Variety of some excellent paintings .

10. ex-painter turned story-teller.  HIs words are passionate with a calming effect.  Read one story and you are hooked for more.

Congratulations to al the nominees.

Until  we meet again,

Karrington Kenendy


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