Enough is Enough

Rev. Solan Wise, guest pastor

1 Kings 17:8-16


Enough is enough when God directs it.  Verse 14, if you make for us you will see you will never run out of food.  She was blessed abundantly .  Most people don’t like to share. People are quick to say well why don’t you do this first and then I will do what you asked me to.  . God’s promise versus Fulfillment.  The more we exercise our faith the more we acknowledge God.

We want God to burst open pantry with perishable goods, why didn’t he just give her food daily. Just flour and oil but they have expiration dates.  We don’t need to ask God to fill our bodies with things that are going to expire or wilt away.

Enough is Enough because God delivers.  We pray for addition.  Buy me a new house, but instead he multiples and lets the roof not leak or not allow people to break into your home.  You already have what  you need.


When you woke up this morning you decided if you were going to have cereal or yogurt, if you were going to church or not, if you were going to speed or go the speed limit.


Homicide is killing of a human, Suicide is killing yourself and decide is killing your options.  In chapter 18 Elijah made a decision.  End of the drought and send some rain.  We kink up our lives by road blocks, temptation, cussing somebody out and areas that bring judgment on our sins.  We try to untie the knots by ourselves but God makes the decision to cut the knots so you don’t have any more kinks.


There is nothing wrong with having nice stuff but we shouldn’t overlook when enough is enough.

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Your Mama’s Faith

Timothy 2:1-5

You don’t like people talking about your mama. There are people in the hospital because they talked about somebody’s mama, there are people in jail because they talked about somebody mother. Out of all the things he could remember about this mother was her faith. Faith is the most essential and fundamental than anything else. Faith in the background got into the foreground.

We owe ourselves. It takes faith to become a mother. Fearful you won’t come back. Forced no choice to go with it. It takes a little faith. Faith to raise a baby by itself and faith to be a mother.

Our successes are the reason you are where you are today is because you had a mama in the background. When nobody else believed you ‘s said that’s my child, that’s my baby.

Salvation in mama’s faith taught you have to pray. Who taught you to kneel at night, and say Now I a lay me down the sleep. When she sat beside you at the table she taught you God is good God is great. When you get stuck in prayer say, Lord you know my heart or Jesus Wept

People say they can’t bring their child to church because he don’t know how to act. He won’t sit still or he won’t be quiet. How do you know he won'[t if you don’t bring him. If he can sit in front of the television and watch Dora the Explorer, Dog with a blog, Sponge Bob or anything else then he can come and serve Jesus Christ.

You may not owe it to your mother, but you owe it to a mother.


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Daniel’s Plan

The dilemma was the way to function in a foreign land. Changed his name, this was a demonic hostile environment and he had to be adapted to the situations. You don’t have to go far to be in a foreign land. You can cross Broad Street and be in a foreign land. You can go to Wal-Mart to Niemen Marcus and be in a foreign land or you could have a happy marriage to a messy divorce.

What you do and how you do your function. When you find yourself you can function in a foreign land and you need a plan. You need like minded friends. He was around a lot of people, but not everybody was his friend. Real friends don’t have to say Why do you pray, Why did you go to church today.

Decrease in my diet and doesn’t want to eat the king’s food. I may go to have ask for the king, but I’m not going to defile myself. When you depend on the king you become helpless but when you depend on the King of Kings your life will change.

Not about being happy, it’s about being holy. If you want to be like God, you have to be holy. Don’t be embarrassed about being holy. I’m going to demonstrate your own fitness. They don’t like you because you don’t look like them or sound like them or eat like the. If you let us eat our own stuff we will be alright. Just give us ten days to eat our stuff.

Be Rich and Righteous and not Ruthless. Determined to be focused. You may live in a foreign land, but you don’t have to consider that your home. While I was in Ghana for three weeks, there was a whole bunch on chickens in the road. How do they know where home is at? They don’t have no dog tags or chicken tags on. The man responded to me, They know where home is and every night that is where they go.

You don’t have to adopt it, but you can adapt to it. If anybody asks you who you are say, I am a child of God. There comes a time when you have to declare your faith. Your life is on the line- go pray I’m not going to scripture you but I am going to declare my faith. Don’t ask me why I am smiling and not frowning.

I’m going to depend on God’s faith. Daniel had favor with man that he was suppose to kill but God’s favor is faithful. God woke us up this morning, Put me out to make a way out of no way, Fiery Furnace, I’m sitting here right now, I graduated yesterday, I got saved. I may be in a foreign land but I thank God for the favor.

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An Easter Surprise

Matthew 28:1-8  Guest Pastor Dr. Raymond Wise

A pleasant surprise is when you’re treated to lunch or dinner, unexpected check in the mail, pay increase.  When life gets tough everybody looks for a pleasant surprise. Unexpected surprise takes place somewhere you least expect it.  Sudden surprise is boring or mundane but something makes you smile.  You wonder how things are supposed to work out.  Be above and beyond because only God could have done that.

Jesus got victory over death.  The disciples made it through the week.  Thursday Sunday they are surprised that he was still alive to tell the story.  They saw him nailed to the cross and buried. Have you ever had a triple whammy? You get out of a traumatic abusive relationship and go home to be treated with emotional and verbal abuse just to get dumped off in another state.  Yet you lived to tell your story.  That’s an Easter surprise.

Went to the tomb looking for something dead but found something alive.  Jesus was alive and standing up.  Risen from the dead.  God can take dead things and bring it back to life.  The moment I let go God stepped in.  God breathed life into somebody who doesn’t like you.  I have set it up for you to get a blessing in disguise.

He came back.  After everything he came back. Confirm his word.  He had to come back to make the devil a liar.  If the disciples saw them it would solidify their beliefs.  They held him at this feet and worshiped him. He came back and changed us forever.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.   He came back with a gift to last forever, eternal life and salvation.  Two cars and the first car has already paid the fair and the attendant waves his or her hand for them to come through the gate.  That’s God he’s already paid the cost.

Easter is just not today.  When God chooses you to resurrect something in your life, somebody’s bill has already been paid for. Joy, Hope, Love Reconciliation, Power it’s already paid for.



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Yes I Can

Philippians 4:13

The question is not if I want to lose weight, exercise or go back to school. The question is not if I ought to go stop smoking, drinking or managing anger. The question is not if I need to live a healthy life or pay my bills. The question is whether I am able to do it. Romans 7 I am having a problem with doing the good and evil I do. Everyday doubt tells us I can’t. Difficult, or Defeat says I can’t

The same person who wrote Romans 7 wrote Philippians 4:13. Paul is saying even though I got these thoughts saying I can’t I know I can. He hated on education but I’ve leaned through experience. I know how to abound, suffer and need. Every time I go through something I ask God what are you teaching me? God is teaching you how.

When you come out of how you can say, Yes I can. Expectation is you learn to face the situation. I’m not the only one who found out that I was talking to myself. No cell phone, No Blue-tooth and no Technology. I feel like the Little Engine that could. I think I can, I think I can. When I get to the mountain Yes I can.

Yes you can to your Situation. Personify your problem. Which means talk to your problem like a person. Cancer says I can’t, Yes you can. Can’t get a job in today’s economy. Yes you can. If I have faith, if you say yes to the mountain. You need to speak to your situation, someone needs to go back home and look at your situation. Say yes I can. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.

Bring the power of Jesus to Yes I Can.

Yes I can turn into Yes I did. Didn’t he feed 5000 people with two fish, walk on water, hands nailed, and died on Good Friday. Yes he did. Yes he is the way-maker, bright morning star and your rock soul and seed. He answers doors, He opens doors that can’t be open and he will save you.




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A Reason to Hold on

Genesis 32:24-26  Preached by Rev. Ceylon Wise

Have you ever come across somebody who let themselves go? You remember a female from high school and know matter what her hair was always perfect. After the rain or after a workout it would still be bouncy with no frizz or tangles.  Then you see her one day and her hair looks like a bird’s nest and very matted. You say to yourself she let yourself go.

There are some things that are appealing to letting yourself go.  Have you ever felt like smacking somebody across the face that has bothered you for five years?  Have you been on a diet and just said, forget this  I want the oreo cheesecake.  I want something delicious. Sometimes we don’t feel like turning the other cheek. It’s hard to hold on when the hurt affects your heart.  Is there a reason to hold on to your marriage, your vision or your child

God will touch me: A mother’s touch can help an infant grow stronger and healthier. An amateur massage from a loved one can relive stress and ease depression.  There was a woman with blood disorder and the doctor’s couldn’t heal her.  She was going to Jesus and she touched him and she was healed.  God has the power to restore, heal and protect us.

Sometime when God touches you it hurts. When we wrestle with God something could get dislocated or it could hurt.  We give Satan too much credit.  It’s not always him, God could do something to hurt you. He can move it out the way and sometimes it’s uncomfortable.  You use to find comfort in these things but I want you to walk with me.  This dislocation is going to cause you to relocate. Are you relocating to a new place of faith? God is saying trust me and let your faith grow in me.Nobody has a touch like God in the kitchen Rachel Ray has the kitchen touch, On the gold field Tiger Woods has the putter’s touch but God has the Master touch.  I can’t believed I wrestled with God and he gave me strength to endure.  He touches you at that second.  A touch that has a healing touch.  What was a sign of weakness turns into strength. Why are you praying over your food all the time. One day I didn’t know where my food was coming from and now I do. Why are you praising  God like that but if you know what I have been thorough you’d know that God is on your side. In the state you are in right now if God gave you your soul mate it wouldn’t last three weeks.  If God gave you a million bucks with the state you are in right now that money would be gone by the end of the year.

God will name me: Babies names are popular and so are the meanings.  No matter how much you put into it your always going to have a nickname or something somebody calls you. There is a lot of weight in a name.  Jacob had a twin brother name Esau and Jacob wanted to come out first and he put his hand in the way. The name Jacob means planter or try to replace. He heard the words deceiver, manipulator and his name took on this path.  We are living up to a false name because that’s all we know is your slow, you’re so bad, your only good for one thing or we will never live up to your responsibilities.  If we aren’t careful we will live up to that name.  I called her Melissa and her name was Milena.  She did what I wanted her to do.  My voice had authority but next time she isn’t going to respond to Melissa. Don’t let people define who you are.

Jacob asked God for a blessing but God gave him an identity.   Jacob said I won’t let go until you bless me.  God said I won’t bless you until you know who you are.  God changed his name to Israel and said, I’m going to bless you. She was an adulteress but God gave her the name forgiven.  He said if you are so perfect go ahead and cast the same stone.   She was a prostitute but Jesus named her great and told her she would always be remembered.  There was a boy who was insane and straight up crazy but got Jesus renamed him sane and in his right mind.

God will bless you: Do you know how to catch. I will throw the ball to you but you didn’t catch it. I threw it again and you still didn’t catch it. He was throwing the ball in the wrong direction so why didn’t he go over there to catch the ball.  God said, He blessed him there. Not here but there.

Have you been tired, stressed out, have you been there when you want to hold on but give up.  Have you been there?  If you find yourself there Just hold on and God will bless you there.  You were in over your head but God pulled you back in.  You ask God to bless you at 2 pm at my house.  God says I will bless you at your weakness, or at your lowest.  God will bless you there.

Hold on






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Who is the Lord

Exodus 5:1-2

Who is the Lord that I should obey?  I know who I am said, Pharaoh.  He is the King of Kings, The Chief of the most important army, he presides over pyramids.  I know who I am, Who is the Lord?

Moses was adopted Hebrew, an orphan boy, ungrateful traitor.  He was raised in riches turned on the Egyptians people.  Murderer in my face trying to act like a minister.

Every single day people ask, who is the Lord that I should obey? Disobey laws, disregard the word and they change his laws to protect their own lifestyles. Who is the Lord.  You know how when you are in class and you know the answer and you raise your hand saying pick me, pick me, I know the answer.  Call on me I know who the Lord is yet Moses glossed over it

Pharaoh didn’t know he was close to the answer.  Remember algebra, 75 percent of the answer is in the question.  If you know the question then you know the answer.

Lord is a who and not an it or a what: The lord has personality, he hears,listens knows and acknowledge.

The Lord is a is and not a was: Who is the Lord? God is the only is that never was a will because he always is.

He knows you: He knows what you are going to do before you do it.  He already knows what is on the drawing board.

Power to Persuade you:  Jonah disobeyed. The storms were turned into water and the whale had to catch him.  If you go the wrong way God has power to persuade you.  If he is calling you then answer, God has the power.

God loves you: He sent us his son, gave us grace, saved our souls, brand new name, he work us up this morning.  Yes Jesus loves me because the bible tells me so.

If we let him he can save us:  We can be saved from sin.  There is time you need to be saved after that and he’s always there for you.

He is Lord:  As Lord he is the source of everything.  Everything that you have comes from the Lord. Are you glad that he’s a substance because sometimes it keeps going.  It get’s you to a place.

Sovereign over everything:  Sovereign over system, over the solar system.  Lord is Lord.  Who is Lord.  He is The Lord, not a king but The King

Why should we obey?

He made me before you got buffed up, before you became what you are.  He made you, saved you, sanctified you. You got in trouble and he has saved you out of trouble, saved you out of a jam and affliction.  He saves my life more than one time.

How do I get in touch? How do I connect to him?  Just call his name.  What name do you call? Call him Lord:

He will answer.  Just call his name and he will show up.  You can always go through this son Jesus.  He is the Alpha and the Omega.  Deliver and Emmanuel.  Friend closer to brother, Prince of Peace, Mary’s Baby. Anybody knows him?

Who is this Lord that I should obey?  You should have stopped Pharaoh right there.  There wasn’t a sixth chapter of Exodus.  If Moses would have slowed down Israel might have been turned around.  I know who he is.  He puts water in dry places, When I need him most he is always there.

Who are you to that you should disobey him?  This is God’s Word, God’s Will.  I’m not going to do it and I’m just going to obey.

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A Basket Case

leave mme alone


Exodus 2:1-10

In World War one army quad-amputee were called basket cases.  Later on people in psyche wards were considered basket cases.  Basket cases were wounded, bounded and messed up.  They don’t function on a daily basis.

You might be a basket case if you are bundled with nerves, live on pins and needles, subject to hyper or hypo active multiple problems at the same time, Paralysis of analysis at anytime.

If you found out you were a basket case you are not alone.

1.  Moses was condemned to death at birth.  Crime was where he was born, in Egypt and that he was born to Hebrew parents and they were Levis.  Born Hebrew and male in Egypt was not good.  Even though the people who loved him they couldn’t do anything else with him.  They put a muzzle on him, hide him in the back of the house.  They couldn’t keep a secret that there was a baby in the house.  He was tied up in tight quarters and was in a basket.  He was set adrift to dangerous waters.  Water that can kill you, alligators, snakes and diseases in the water  Moses was a basket case but he survived.

2.  Pharaoh condemned him but the community covered him. Midwives were told to kill the infant boy babies but they believed in God.  We have to cover our children and come together as a community.  All we know is chat rooms, social media and Facebook.  They didn’t know what to do with him but they knew who to turn him over to .  You put a child on a school bus you got to turn them over, You child is lying in the hospital bed and the doctor says, they aren’t going to make it and you walk out of the room, you’ve got to turn them over.  I turned it all over to Jesus and he worked it all out.

3.  Even though he was drifting on a dangerous waters he was equipped to float.  How are you going to drive you and your baby in the water.  She made a basket with slime, asphalt and she waterproofed it.  Somebody today floated.  They didn’t have protection but they floated.

4.  God specializes  in basket cases.  The stuff that Dr. Phil can’t figure out, The things Dr. Oz can’t diagnosis and the stuff that was to bad for Jerry Springer.  God says bring it to me.  He specializes in basket cases.

Why he specializes in basket cases

God directs the flow of the water.  If it was in a few feet of water he might have been eaten up.  You can be in danger but still God has control.  As long as you are with me nothing is going to happen to you.  He controls the flow of the river. 

God put’s the right people in your path.  The baby floating in the water what are the chances that he floats to Pharaoh’s daughter’s house.  She took him out the water and she knew who he was. The  Hebrew woman nursed her own baby and got paid for it. When the child grew older she took him to Pharaoh’s daughter and that became her son.

Have you ever went to apply for a loan and the first thing that you say is my credit isn’t all that good and the person looks at you and he helps you out.    You are applying for a job and you check the box that you have a criminal record.  The man looks at you and says I’m going to help you out.  God put someone in your path that says even though I know what you did I’m going to help you.

God helps you not to become a basket case because he puts someone in your path he finds somebody to speak up for you.

God turns your basket case into an unbelievable blessing.  He took the water out the rock,  they were mourning.  As it floats and it wasn’t a casket it was a cocoon.  He goes in  crawling but comes out flying.  Transformed.

I’m coming out of this new attitude new figure and new transformation.   You look at your basket case, God see’s you as a showcase.

He’s on my mind.  In my right mind.  I was broke but now I have ten dollars. I was lost and now I am saved.  I was a basket case now I’m a showcase



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Go ahead and sing

Psalm 137:1-4

Some people should not be given permission to sing.  It’s a myth that all black people can dance.  Some of us were put off of Soul Train.  It’s a myth that black people have rhythm or that all black people can sing.

For the sake of sanity everybody should be free to sing.  Gold plated gates or diamond cages but you still feel captivate.  Fell a degree of futility with no inspiration and no motivation with music.  Outraged by oppressors.  Sing me a Zion song.  Didn’t like to sing in the state of depression.  How can I sing? We sing when our children are dying, when mothers are underpaid, marriages are crumbling, Can’t get along with your family or the people next door.  Don’t ask me to sing because I can’t.  I know you may not feel like it but go ahead and sing.

Access: Sing in a strange land and you get access to places you never go.  No preaching, no Prophesying just sing.  People respond quicker to music then to word.  They put prayer out of school, put Jesus on a song, they allow music but not the word.

Songs have ability:  Songs can assist with anger management.  Think about grandma and all the times she hummed.  Humming walking in the kitchen slamming pots.  Sometimes the best way to release anger is to sing.

Change the atmosphere: Instead of responding sing a song and walk away.  Sing a song when you get in a bad atmosphere.  Can’t get along with your spouse, Can’t get along with people at work sing a song.

New Attitude: Don’t mess with people’s songs.  Don’t get in someone car changing the station, or changing the channel at their house or putting a different DVD player in.  It’s a terrible day, too much snow outside, too cold.  This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice.  I’m tired of the snow but I will rejoice.  When people give you negativity sing a song.

Anointing: It destroys the yoke in a song.  The whole time you are singing God is loosening up your chains or freeing your bondage.  God is there when you are there and it’s still his song but go ahead and sing it.

Audience: Sing a down hymn song.  What they didn’t know is that they weren’t the audience of the song.  It was a performance it was a praise.  You gave me the opportunity to talk to God and not an audience.  “His eyes were on the sparrow.  I sing because I’m happy;
I sing because I’m free; His eye is on the sparrow And I know He watches me”

My joy is gone, My praise is gone.  When you sing you discover songs that have special ability.  You get a chance to worship to the one person who is God.


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The Power In You


Which is most unexpected territory? Interspace or outer space? Do we know what lives out there.  We know what will happen on the inside.  We have some power in us.  We haven’t explored out power yet.

Creative Power  Design, form, fashion and an image to create.  Somebody had to make it, to design it and to step outside the box.

Survival Power I don’t care how ugly the situation is I know I will survive.  You didn’t think you could survive but you looking at me and you have survived.  You’ve survived divorce, lost of a love one, job, sickness and sorrow.  Survival of the difficulties of pain.  When you see power in your face looking in the mirror you will see survivor power.

Kingdom Power  Reign, Rule and Sovereignty is inside of you.  Power King is inside of me.  Power King woke me up this morning and put me on my way.

Does it feel like the power isn’t working? Not working because of sin.  You can’t call Sin because it’s a diagnosis, Sin hasn’t changed.  The wages of sin are death.  Sin is sneaky.  It will start one day at a time.  Sin separate’s you  from your power.  Sin makes you disobey.  They know what straight but they won’t do it.

Psalm 51

Sin has clogged up. If your  cleanse restore  me.  My power will work.  When your power isn’t working it’s because Satan knows how much power you have.  Keeps you from doing what you should be doing.

Situation  Some of us got power we never thought that we had.  A German Shepherd starts to chase you and you got power you never knew you had.  When you are in a situation give God the glory, remember what mama and grandma taught you. Find your power.

When you get power

and it starts working

You give God the glory.

It’s not about God’s power, it’s not about power working in you.  We lean on God

and he is waiting for us.


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