Precious Gift

The baby’s skin smooth like chocolate

smiled shined so bright

that she has no ideal


no ideal who

it was just a flash before her eyes

to let her know this precious gift

was well taken care of.

if we shall cross paths again

the story will tell itself.


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We can’t go on like this

One minute I’m slamming doors in a fit of rage.

While the tone of your voice has completely changed.

I’m doing shots just to numb the pain

Your cell is going off like you are a rock-star

I feel like I do too much

And isn’t appreciated

Because you always find something wrong.

Every time I think about it I don’t have enough strength to leave.

Every time something comes up I could never understand how it was so easy for

You to go on break.

At the end of the day I had to realize

We weren’t the same people we were when we met

And all the promises that we said we were going to do

Were nowhere in agreement.

Even though it’s hard why stay

If you aren’t on the same page

And when your heart just isn’t there.

Every day was a roller-coaster ride

When it should have been in love with each other

And not someone different.

And that’s why you could never find a new reason to love that person every day.

No hard feelings, I’m just glad we learned it when we did.

I hope you found what you were looking for.

Until we meet again,

Another time, another place, with an introduction to the other.


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When the Door Closes

When she closes the door

She wonders what goes through his mind.

Is he thinking about the time that they spent together?

Or is she just another number on his list.

When he kisses her does

He taste the sweetness

That takes her breath away

Or has his mind escaped to a different time and a different place.

Can she afford to let herself get wrapped up in what could be another heartbreak?

Hasn’t he stepped up enough of his game for her to know everything is showed in his actions?

No matter what she is always going to have some feeling about trust that every time he closes the door she’s going to wonder what type of person he is when he isn’t in her company.


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A Place

Escape to a place

Where there is no noise, state of confusion

Or people who tell you lies right in front of your face.

Escape to a place

Where there is no hurt, loneliness, or story-lines that make you cringe in disbelief.

Escape to a place where

You can be yourself,

A place that takes your breath away

To let you know that you have been

Saved from the unknown

A place filled with smiles, happiness and memories to last a lifetime

That when you open your eyes

A sense of renewal has entered your zone

When you actually think about it

If you waited this long

And that day has finally happened

No words have to be exchanged,

No walls have to be knocked down

Just a place

Where you can call home.



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Never a Reason

They say there is a reason for everything

And sometimes you just don’t get to know why.

Wanting to know why will probably tear you into pieces.

There is a thousand reasons

But if someone told you why

All you are going to do is say, that’s not the reason.

No matter how hard it is just forget about it

And move on and never think twice about looking back.

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The Flower


I asked for a flower yesterday

And I am excited to see

What kind of flower it will be

Hopefully one that is happy to brighten up the room

Lots of summer colors

Or maybe one color

That has a significant meaning

Either way it’s something that is going to grow

Into something beautiful…


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Have you ever tasted?

Something before

And it’s a taste that’s so fresh, so different

That you can’t get enough of it

No matter how often you taste it

It’s always fulfilling,

Always the right flavor.

The thing is you haven’t fully got to taste all of it but something that good

Will always be remembered.  Maybe we’ll meet again, maybe we won’t.

But you always know the difference.

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The Flower

I asked for a flower yesterday

and I am excited to see

what kind of flower it will be

hopefully one that is happy to brighten up the room

lots of summer colors

or maybe one color

that has a significant meaning

Either way it’s something that is going to grow

into something beautiful…


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