Until we meet again

What if I told you the reason that I didn’t come

was because it was gloomy and

I didn’t want to have to compete with the darkness and the demons.

I was the hologram  who was standing by the closed gates

hair blowing in the wind,

single tear falling down her cheek

crisp air blowing, chilled the blush in her skin.

All I wanted to do was hug the site

and when you hugged back I wanted it to feel like

a paralysis

so it could feel real

and whisper I love you in your ear.

I couldn’t meet you but maybe you can meet me

in the realm of sleep

that’s where everything real happens at

and I will be the only one to know it wasn’t a


Until we meet again,

Always and Forever


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You tell me

People talk about honesty,

but some things should be kept a secret

or you would never have a relationship.

Yet when it becomes revealed while you are already in the relationship

it becomes slightly terrifying to the other person.

It’s like a catch twenty-two

Maybe people like you shouldn’t be in relationships

and when you say it’s complicated

it really is.

Would you really feel comfortable if someone said

something to you before it happened.

Would you know what to do if someone is always saying did we have

this conversation and it was you and someone else.

If you rolled over and saw someone sleeping with their eyes open

would that freak you out?

Would you constantly hate knowing something about someone and if felt like you were dating him and it was a female you didn’t know.

What about all these flashes of people you don’t know, what happens to them

After awhile you get tired of saying, I told you so

After awhile he get’s pissed off and yells at you and you just want to pick up something and hit him in the head

and say, I told you it was going to happen.  It’s not my fault you lost thousand of dollars.

So Mr. Know it all you tell me what the fuck I am supposed to say to people when I first meet them.

You seem to have all the answers.

Why don’t you speak on that



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